SRI SAM ANK SUPPLIER CO.,LTD. Located in Thailand, we are the factory specialized in OEM manufacturing of the Sandals in any styles. Founded in 1989, Sri Sam Ank has been developed our own brands including EVANI, PEEK, SMORR, MAZORI. We has invested in high technology and innovation to ensure our footwear to be best quality meeting the stringent requirement in terms of design, softness, lighted weight yet strong and durable. Moreover, Sri Sam Ank is capable of producing to customer’s own brands (OEM) ensuring the good and consistent quality and also reasonable price.
SRI SAM ANK is also manufacturing the material so called EVA (ETHYLENE VINYL ACETATE). We can meet all kinds of specifications, sheet colors, sizes, densities, and textures for your manufacturing of any kind of products.
SRI SAM ANK is proud of our professional team with over 30 years of experience, ensuring all the process with true knowledge and understanding of EVA materials. The main export markets are America, with more than 20 year experience.

     1955  >> Started the business from the production of sponge slippers. Under the trademark brand Waen (glasses) .

     1961 >> Building a factory on an area of ​​​​600 sq. wa. at Wat Phai Ngoen Road (Trok Chan) has expanded to increase machinery and production capacity.

     1973  >> Registered the establishment of "Srisamank Factory Co., Ltd. limit and expand the production of footwear and EVA rubber sheets in the country”.

   1987 >> Building new company called Srisamank Suppliers Co., Ltd., located at King Kaew Road, Samut Prakan Province, and started producing shoes under the brand "PEEK".


    The business of the company was established by Mr. Chan Chongthurakit in 1955 to produce sponge slippers. Under the trademark name "Brand Waen", later "Brand Waen" sandals became the most popular product in the shoe market of the same type at that time.
  Later in the year 1961 the company has expanded the business. By building a factory on an area of ​​​​600 square wa at Wat Phai Ngern Road (Trok Chan), Thung Wat Don Subdistrict, Sathorn District, after moving to Trok Chan and started producing EVA rubber sheet to sell to customers to make shoe parts around Sua Pa Road area. Thonburi side to Soi Saraphi

    In 1973, the company was registered as a limited company. With a registered capital of 2 million baht, using the name of the business "Srisamank Factory Co., Ltd. and expanded production to export to sell abroad as well From then until 1986, developed a product model and began to enter the market in the United States and expand to the European market. and increase the production capacity of shoes to produce 5,000 pairs per day. In addition, the market for EVA rubber sheets has been expanded in the country.

    In 1987, the company expanded its business and established a new company called “Srisamank Suppliers Co., Ltd.” with a registered capital of 15 million baht and moved to a new factory building located at No. 20/1. Moo 2, Wat Kingkaew Road, Racha Thewa Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province, on an area of ​​​​12 rai until the end of 1989, began to produce fashion sandals under the company's brand. which uses the shoe name "PEEK" and has increased its capital until 100,000,000 baht in 2004

  At present, the company has a registered capital of 127,750,000 baht and has a total of 220 employees. We produce and sell foam sheets made of EVA or rubber sheets used to make shoe soles, produce and sell fashion sandals under the trademarks EVANI , PEEK , SMORR and MAZORIE, including products made from EVA under the NOCK KOB trademark, as well as being an OEM or contract manufacturing shoes for various BRAND NAMEs, including selling rubber sheets to other industries

   More than 60 years of experience in the EVA fashion sandals industry, it can be confirmed that the company has the intention and determination in doing this business. In addition, the company also participated in projects of government agencies and private sectors in order to increase the potential of employees in the production line and others, including ways to reduce costs and cost of the business to be more efficient It has also been certified to pass the ISO 9001 : 2015 standard as well.



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