Contest Project

“Professional Consulting Service Skills Development Course” with Establishment Diagnosis and analysis of business model canvas (On the job training)

Project Material thai 2 Japan 2021 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan on October 13 - 15, 2021, the project exhibition Life X Design (Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2021) Zone Sozai

Thailand Plastics Awards 2020, a socially and environmentally responsible plastic product contest, Year 4 under the concept of The New Normal Life

Thanks to the Department of Industrial Promotion for Exhibition of entrepreneurs participating in the project (Upcycling for sustainable lifestyle) year 2021. In the project, there are more than 52 entrepreneurs. MAZORI has been one of the award-winning teams in the Upcycling for sustainable lifestyle 2021 project. For anyone who wants to become a MAZORI owner.

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