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    Social responsibility

  “Plastic is not the culprit” We, as a shoe manufacturer, use plastic raw materials as the main component of our products. We know how useful and economical plastics are. Plastic increases the cost of producing products that require durability in use. can be used for a long time high efficiency compared to other materials can adjust various properties To achieve maximum efficiency in applications such as shoes that are flexible, shockproof, non-slip, and most importantly, plastic can also be recycled (recycle) without losing important properties.

Our concept of using plastics to be cost-effective is three things:
1. The products we produce have a long service life.
2. Recycling of slabs to extend the life of plastics
3. Up cycling We create new products from waste plastic in the production process that must be disposed of. to have added value And there are still qualities that a good shoe should have.

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